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"Let me find my fixed gear bicycle friends…"

Watching “Girls” at 10:30 every Sunday has seriously become one of the most exciting appointments of my week…not sure if this is sad or awesome. I’m a devoted viewer, so much so that my boyfriend is silently forced to watch the Nationals game downstairs because he knows what the deal is if he refuses to watch it. I tried and tried to convince him, but after the first two episodes, he wanted nothinggg to do with this amazing show. His loss. That being said, this week was great and so-so at the same time.

One word for most of it: idiocy. Pure, fast paced idiocy. Each character somehow found a way to rapidly complicate their lives (and obviously the plot) at this Party of The Year. Stupidity is definitely the vehicle that enables these girls to have these problems…and I find myself yelling at Hannah more often than not (and the others in this episode!)
I have to tackle this immediately as well: Jessa’s feather vest/coat?! It blew my mind in a way that perplexes me. I understand there has to be some sense of fiction/fakeness to the characters, and she’s essentially the unobtainable, but come on. I honestly feel like not a soul would ever wear that. But I also haven’t been to Bushwick (where the episode was set and allegedly the happening hipster location of the moment) but I just couldn’t take it seriously. I also couldn’t take Shoshanna’s accidental crack experience seriously. Although funny and well written, (“crack spirit guide”) it was entirely unbelievable. I will say that I DID like the interaction between Shosh and Charlie’s somewhat hardened hipster friend who’s name currently evades me. Should be interesting to see if anything comes of that.
One thing I’m REALLY hoping to see soon: the artist from the gallery opening in one of the first episodes (the guy from The Lonely Island!) who told Marnie at that art gallery that said (GASP!) “the first time I fuck you it might scare you a little, because I’m a man, and I know how to do things…” JESUS. I want to see more of this, especially because Marnie is sooooo uptight and I think they’d be a perfect plot point.

Ultimately: Hannah and Adam. Why why why why why. It was interesting to see Adam in a way other than shirtless and in his bedroom. Hannah learning he was in AA from a random girl was a cool, small twist that definitely showed that Adam isn’t this perfect, unobtainable being she sees him as (stupid.) After leaving the party together, I found myself yelling at Hannah as she sat on his bicycle handlebars. DANGEROUS. As Hannah keeps repeating “stop the bike Adam!”, I couldn’t help but think she should be saying, “stop doing this to yourself Hannah!”, all in all, it would definitely be more effective than what took place, and somehow, albeit awkwardly, became a seemingly monogamous committed relationship. The final scene with Adam, Hannah, Marnie, and Adam’s bike in the back seat of the cab was SO uncomfortable, but Hannah’s slow, progressively huge smile was so fittingly awkward I couldn’t help but laugh and be annoyed at the same time. Touche, Girls writers. Touche.

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